The Internet, It isn’t just for your computer anymore

The Internet isn’t just for your computer anymore. Web connected devices are being found in more and more devices each day. Today you can find the Internet in cars, appliances and even in medical devices! According to a study done by IMS Research it is estimated that there will be 22 billion web-connected devices in the world by 2020. Another interesting fact is that machines are outnumbering humans in new subscribers for AT&T and Verizon.

Uses for web connected devices in your home

There are several uses for Internet enabled devices in your home. Imagine if you could be notified that your refrigerator was using more energy than normal? This could help you recognize an issue with your refrigerator before it costs you a small fortune! The can also be technology to allow you to know when you ran out of milk. The Internet, combined with electronic scales can let you know when the place you keep your milk is too light, signaling that you need some more milk. In your car, you can have the Internet help you not only with navigation but with things such as communication.

Web connected devices are also making their way into the healthcare industry. A new concept that is arising is the Body Area Network. This BAN is a network of computer devices that are “wearable” and can provide information on a patients vitals. This could be especially helpful for patients who may be in a high risk category or who have a medical condition which requires constant monitoring, such as diabetes.

Will the Internet ever go too far? Are there some places that the Internet just shouldn’t go?


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