>Net Neutrality

>Net Neutrality is a proposed principal which will aid in preserving the free and open Internet. In short, this would prevent Internet providers from controlling the content that is available on the Internet through their connection. It will prevent the providers from being able to speed up/slow down, or block content. Therefore making Internet providers simply a pathway with no control over the content which travels through it.

Who doesn’t want it?
The answer to this one is the obvious…cable and telephone companies want to have control over the Internet content to be sure that it caters to their search engines and products and limits or even blocks content from other providers. The opponents of Net Neutrality see Net Neutrality as “a solution in search of a problem.” They also argue that restriction on content which is aimed to increase quality of service is desirable.

Who will it benefit?
Having Net Neutrality will largely benefit benefit everyone (except for the Internet providers that is). It will allow for innovation and for further development regarding the Internet. Supporters of Net Neutrality include leading technology companies such as Amazon.com, Ebay, Google, Intel, Microsoft and many others. The FCC and Obama have also voiced their support of Net Neutrality.


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