>Web 3.0

>Web experts think that Web 3.0 will be akin to having a personal assistant who knows just about everything about you. With web 3.0 searches would no longer be based solely on the finding of keywords but will rather evaluate the context of the search terms to find the best answer. You could put in complex sentences for search criteria and be able to get the answer you are looking for much quicker than with current web searching capabilities. Although this is still very much a developing technology and there is no set definition yet, there are certain traits that experts are agreeing on. The main traits are that Web 3.0 will provide users with a richer and more relevant experiences. Also, with Web 3.0 every user will have a unique Internet profile based on that user’s browsing history.

So this all sounds great right? No longer having to perform multiple searches and spend hours at a time researching something on the Internet sounds great but there are some concerns that people have regarding this. If a Web 3.0 browser is retrieving information based on how you are searching the Internet then does that allow easy access for someone else to access information about you that you would rather them not know? Some people are worried that activities on the Internet will become too public through having this capability and as of yet there are no answers to these questions.


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