>Creating Viedo for Use on the Web

>There are several things to keep in mind when creating and distributing video on the web. Some questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to use or create a video are:

  • What is the value the video adds to the website?
  • Who are your primary visitors or users?
  • Do your users have the browsers and bandwidth necessary for the multimedia you wish to add?
  • What is the primary purpose of your page or site?
  • Will sound and video add to, or detract from what you are communicating?

These questions will help to ensure that the video is relevant and carries a meaning for the targeted users. If the content is completely irrelevant and has no application with the primary audience than the creation of the video was essentially a waste of time. To help keep a video on track and on topic the use of a script is important. Addressing the capabilities of the user’s browsers and bandwidth is also important to ensure that the target audience can view the great video content that has been created. The use of good quality equipment will also be important to having a good quality video produced.

Why use audio or video?
Sometimes the use of audio and/or video may be the best way to get your point across. Also video may be a good supplemental source, such as a how to video to supplement written out instructions. Audio and video can also be used to stand apart from the competition by adding a “wow factor” or by adding a personal touch which may appeal to the target audience.

It isn’t always easy to create a video with meaningful content and a high level of quality but by following the simple guidelines outlined here you should be well on your way to creating a great online video.


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