> Opera Software is a Norwegian based company founded by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner(CEO) and Geir Ivarsoey. Opera is a leader in development of web browsers for desktops and mobile devices. Opera claims to be “Simply the Best Internet Experience on Any Device.” They are known for providing high performance levels, standards compliance and a small size.

Opera Software’s Products

Opera Browser
The Opera Browser has much to offer when it comes to features. Overall the Browser offers a fast and easy to use piece of software. Opera Browser is known for being innovative and the many unique features offered proves that. Some of these features are Opera Turbo Compression, Tabs in thumbnails, customized ‘Speed Dial’, Web Integration, Resizable search field and many others. Overall the Opera browser offers a fast, safe and customizable Internet Experience.

Opera Link
Opera Link is a useful tool to help keep you organized. The tool will synchronize your browsers so that you always have your bookmarks and other browser data wherever you are. It can be used synchronize multiple computers or mobile devices. You can also log in to a web version so that you can still have what you need even when you aren’t using an Opera browser. Opera Link will synchronize you bookmarks, Speed Dial, Personal Bar, Notes, Typed Browser History, and Custom Searches.

Opera Mobile
In 2000 Opera Mobile was the first mobile web browser to use the full web on a small mobile screen. It has been installed on over 125 million phones.

Opera Devices
Opera software is used in both the Nintendo DSi and in the Nintendo Wii. On the Wii the Internet Channel is powered by Opera. The channel can allow you to browse the web on your TV through your Wii device.

Opera Mail
This tool is an e-mail client built into your browser. With Opera Mail you can access your mail even when you are offline and when you are back online your e-mails with be synchronized again. You can also use it in a low-bandwidth mode so that when you are using a slow connection you can fetch only the necessary information. Opera Mail will work with all of your different e-mail accounts.

Opera Unite
Unite can allow you to have the power of a Web server in your browser. You can easily share your data or run a chat room and host all of it within Opera Unite. You can also share with other web browsers.

Opera Dragonfly
Dragonfly is a tool for developers that can allow you debug JavaScript, CSS, the DOM, and HTTP from the browser. This tool can also handle mobile debugging in addition to the browser on your computer. Dragonfly is released on an open source BSD license.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is “The world’s most popular mobile Web Browser with over 30 million users.” Mini is a complete, fast, and free solution to your mobile web browsing needs.



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