>Almost everyone has probably used Wikipedia at one time or another to find information. How many of us have ever bothered to make a contribution of our own? Until today I had never made a contribution to a page on Wikipedia, even though I have used the site countless times. The process of making a change to a Wikipedia page was very easy. First, I had to create an account. Once my account was created I had to decide where to make my change (this was the hardest part). I do not consider myself to be a real expert in a particular field so I decided to choose a hobby of mine. I chose to edit the crochet page in Wikipedia. On this page I made my contribution by expanding the list of basic stitches. The list I added by no means exhausts the list of possible stitches but I do believe it covers the basics. Previously there were only 5 stitches listed and I expanded the list to cover a total of 10 stitches. Once I made my changes in the editing page I was able to preview my changes prior to submitting them. Once I saved and submitted my changes they were immediately posted to the page for all to see. Now that I have experienced the ease of editing in Wikipedia I am now more inclined to make changes as I see necessary while I continue to use the site as a source of information.


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