>HTML 5.0

>HTML 5 will be the next major revision to the Hypertext Markup Language. The current version used in web development is HTML 4.01. Work began on this revision in June of 2004 and was adopted by the W3C in May of 2007 for review. Although the W3C has adopted HTML 5 it is important to note that at this point it is only for revision and is not a recommendation of the W3C yet. HTML 5 will improve interoperability and reduce development costs by making precise rules for how to handle elements. This revision of HTML is proposed as the next standard for both HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.

HTML 5 will offer a number of new elements that are unavailable through HTML 4.01. Some of these new elements will be replacements for common uses of generic tags and some will provide new functionality. An example of a replacement will be the introduction of nav and footer


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